3 Reasons to have glass shower enclosures

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Bathroom renovations play a huge role when it comes adding that extra spark to your living spaces. Did you know that you can have a bathroom makeover without remodeling the entire area? Well, installing glass shower enclosure is a highly regarded way to have a bathroom makeover. Construction technologies have evolved significantly, which makes today’s glass showers enclosures superior to the mottled, opaque glass, and metallic-edged showers used decades ago. The good thing these kits is that you enjoy the liberty to choose what you want for a custom look. That said, here are other reasons that will convince you to install a glass shower enclosure.

Low maintenance

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All areas around your home especially the bathroom and the toilet should be kept clean at all times. Maintaining a bathroom is mostly about keeping it clean and keeping moisture build up to a bare minimum, which eliminates the chances of having mold or mildew.

Glass shower enclosures are also easy to maintain considering that you can always install a protective coating on the glass. Ideally, this protection serves to reduce the build-up of scum or stains on the glass. In fact, glass showers tend to be well constructed and require minimal repairs if any.

Makes your bathroom look open

A glass shower enclosure has the effect of making the bathroom look open and bright-looking bathroom. Not just that, you will also realize that your bathroom also looks bigger or more spacious that when you have close partitions. Besides making the room spacious, glass enclosures are also known to improve the air quality and flow patterns inside the bathroom. Thus, if you want to have a shower that looks and fresh, glass enclosures are the way to go.

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Aesthetic appeal


Everyone loves a bathroom that looks stunning. Having a glass shower enclosure gives you a rare chance to showcase some or all your stylish fixtures. Pairing the shower enclosure with exquisite tile work and lighting fixtures has the effect of making your showroom look excellent. In a nutshell, adding a shower enclosure adds a designer touch to your living space.

There is no better way to inject that designer touch into a bathroom than to have a glass bathroom enclosure. Besides the aesthetic benefits, these enclosures are also functionally sound. If you are still considering whether or not to have a glass enclosure, these three reasons should convince you to pick a glass shower enclosure. If possible, read the best shower enclosure kit reviews 2018 to improve your chances of getting a quality unit.